1. My SMS alerts are not working
  2. The first thing to establish is if it is just your SMS alerts, or all email alerts that are not working. You can easily test this by using the `Send Test email` button in the Configuration page. If it is just SMS, click here. If it is SMS and email, click here.
  3. My SMS alerts are not working but other email alerts are.
  4. Please check the following:-
    • The username and password for the account on the sending mail server are correct
    • That your mail server allows that account to send external mails.
    • Your mail server log files to ensure that it''s not the server stopping the mail.
    • That the `From` address specified has not been changed since it was registered with us.
  5. None of my email alerts are working.
  6. Please check the following on the Configuration page:-
    • The SMTP server and port are correct
    • The Username and Password fields are completed with valid log on credentials for your sending email server.
    • If the email addresses that are being sent the alerts are external addresses, ensure that mail server allows the sending account to send external mails.
    • Check your mail server log files for any indication that the server is stopping the mails.
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