• Map


Light Sensor

State: Normal

Value: 80 lux

AirFlow Sensor

State: Normal


Door Sensor

State: Normal

Value: Closed

Volt Meter

State: Normal

Value: 0 Volt

Humidity Sensor

State: Normal

Value: 38%

Water Sensor

State: Normal

Value: No water leak

Smoke Sensor

State: Normal

Value: No smoke detected

Sound Meter

State: Normal

Value: 28 dB

Temperature Sensor

State: Normal

Value: 25 °C

Mapping out you organisations can be as simple or complex as you need but the great thing about this is you can update your maps anytime you choose. So start off easy and let the mapping system grow with you. Use scanned scribbles to beautiful 3D Illustrations the choice is with you and what you need. Don’t have the tools, then we can even help you there to with a 3D modelling service that won’t bust your budget. You maintain full control over quantity and relationships allowing you to be as creative as you want to be.

Customise your maps.

In any business the requirements always seem grow to meet what’s available. Our goal is not to get in the way. You can map anything from a global hotel chain, a power station, a data centre to your home. You can use Drawings, 3D graphics and images and mix them anyway you want. You can start off with one or develop to hundreds, the mapping system will support you whatever depth you need. When you are ready you can copy your new layouts to individual users who can then tailor just what actions or activities are overlaid onto their image copies. Perfect for the Security guard or the Fire officer.

The Pins.

There are several Pin types to choose from and many more on the way. All the pins are ‘activated’ by alarms and events with map pins being activated by any alarm event that is on any map below it. Perfect for reducing larges systems into an easy to follow event manager. There are device pins, mapping pins and sensors pins and many more device specific pins to come. For example is you deploy a Tray that contains Relays then its pins not only show the relay state but allow you to override its current state offering you control over anything from a fan, light or simple alarm bell to high current equipment including such as backup Aircon units and motors (Max Mains Current Switching currently 90Amps and 450Amp inrush. Safety systems are included).

On the move

When you’re on the move then take the system with you on your smartphone (current release iPhone, iPad only, the rest to follow early 2016). You’ll be alerted to any event and the mapping system will show you where it is. Released at the same time will be a GPS option to overlay your current position on large site maps guiding you to the problems precise location.

If you are a large resort manager then you can use URL pins on these maps allowing your customers to use the app to find their way about and view the resort facilities its bars and restaurants. These URL pins point to the Restaurants own site displaying information such as menus. You can also time activate invisible event pins making them pop up as reminders of current events, shows or resort activities. The resort app needs no login and its down load is via a simple QR code which can be published in documentation and gathering areas about the resort.