Our ‘plug and play’ monitoring solutions are designed to be able to add new sensors, at any time, depending on your current and future needs. The flexibility of the Swiftalert platform gives you the option to simply incorporate new sensors at any time, in order to fully optimise your complete monitoring and management needs.

Environmental Sensors

Environment Sensors provide immediate insight into your facility’s or datacentre’s environmental conditions, to ensure maximum uptime. By adding new sensors, whether they are to monitor water flow or leaks, unexpected temperatures, humidity, air flow, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide or more, it puts you in complete control whether you are onsite or operating from remote facilities. In the event of an issue, the Swiftalert platform will alert the administrator via their preferred method of contact so action can be taken in order to prevent damage to business critical assets.

Power Sensors

An unexpected power overload, surge or outage can be costly for businesses where uptime is critical, likewise for those wanting to monitor and control power consumption, having the ability to closely track and control power usage is vital to avoid expensive penalties. By incorporating a range of alerts on the Swiftalert platform, an optimal use of power is achievable, saving time, money and ensuring uptime is maintained.

Security Sensors

There are a range of security sensors available to help detect physical movement and the opening and closing of doors, which, when combined with cameras, provides an enhanced level of security to a business, facility, datacentre or campus. By integrating a range of sensors onto the Swiftalert platform, an alert is immediately raised and directed to the administrator for actioning.

Third Party Sensors

Aside from environmental, power and security monitoring, the Swiftalert monitoring platform is designed to be able to integrate sensors from third party organisations, in order to be able to track or control bespoke applications or appliances within your organisation. We provide all the tools you need to fully track, control and manage your buildings, facilities, datacentres or sites, from one single dashboard. For more information please contact a member of the team to find out how our intelligent technology can help you stay in complete control.